Browser Compatibility

Basketball GM only works in Chrome and Firefox. If you’re already using one of those browser and it’s still not working, first make sure you’re using the latest version. If you are, then continue reading…

Debugging Info

If you ran into a problem, let us know so we can help you or try to fix the bug. Please include as much detail as possible, including your Basketball GM version (at the bottom of the game), browser version, operating system, and specific steps one can take to reproduce your problem.

Additionally, if you want to be extra helpful, try to report the specific error message that occurs. To do this, first switch to “debug mode” by clicking “Tools > Enable Debug Mode” in the menu within the game (if the game isn’t loading at all, then skip this step). Then, open the JavaScript console of your web browser and see if any error message gets displayed there when you observe a bug. For example, if the draft won’t start when you press the “Start Draft” button, then enable debug mode, open the JavaScript console, and try pressing it again. You will probably see an error message that will be very helpful to a developer trying to fix the bug.

Other Debugging Stuff