Basketball GM 1.0 Manual

Basketball GM is a sports management simulation game. You are the general manager of a basketball team, tasked with building your roster to compete for a championship while managing your finances.

Gameplay overview

Each season of the game is divided into several phases:

(If you notice phase 2 is missing... that is supposed to be after the trading deadline, which isn't implemented yet.)

League rules

The league rules are generally modeled on the NBA, but simplified. Unfortunately, there is currently a big labor dispute in the NBA and they might change everything, which could make all these rules seem quaint and obsolete in the future.

Salary cap

The salary cap is $60 million. This is a soft cap, in the sense that even if you are over the salary cap, you can still:


The maximum contract amount is $20 million per year and the maximum contract length is 5 years.

The minimum contract amount is $500 thousand per year and the minimum contract length is 1 year (or, until the end of the season, if the season is already in progress).

When a contract expires, you have the opportunity to negotiate a new contract with the player. If you don't come to an agreement, the player becomes a free agent. This is important because, based on the salary cap rules, you can go over the cap to resign your own players but you can't go over the cap to sign a free agent.


The maximum roster size is 15. You can never exceed this, except during the draft. But right after that, you'll have to release or buy out enough players to get under the limit.

The minimum roster size is 5. You must be above this limit to play games.

Player ratings

Player ratings for a variety of categories (shooting, rebounding, passing, dribbling, etc) are on a scale from 0-100. Roughly, the overall (average) player ratings mean:

However, the overall ratings aren't a guarantee of performance. The particular mix of ratings plays into success, as do a player's teammates.

Still not sure about something?

If you have a question or think you found a bug or you want to request a feature, either create a new issue on GitHub or send me an email.